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CFMOTO CFORCE graphics sticker set – Speed Stickers
GEOMETRIC design stickers for CFMOTO CFORCE TOURING (G3) 800-1000 (3)
  • SKU: CF-CF850-24-001-03-M-S

GEOMETRIC design stickers for CFMOTO CFORCE TOURING (G3) 800-1000 (3)


    High quality and exceptional design stickers made special for CFMOTO CFORCE 800-1000 Touring made from 2024. Stickers are made to withstand toughest exploitation conditions. It can be applied on flat and little curved surfaces, therefore, a special resistance laminate is used, which ensures a long-term protection from UV rays, dirt, dust, gravel, water and scratches.


    FITS CFMOTO CFORCE TOURING (G3) 800, 850, 1000
    DESIGN Geometric
    QUANTITY OF STICKERS Level M 61 pcs, Level XL 96 pcs
    RECOMMENDATION To look better, choose stickers with at least one exact color from your ATV body color



    STRONG PROTECTION (250µ) Oracal 3105HT (100µ) + Oraguard 270 (150µ)
    ULTIMATE PROTECTION (400µ) Substance Ultracurve 660LSE (150µ) + 1000 (254µ)
    PRINT TECHNOLOGY Hewlett Packard, Roland
    CUT TECHNOLOGY Mutoh, Roland
    PACKAGE Safe cylinder package
    GEOMETRIC design stickers for CFMOTO CFORCE TOURING (G3) 800-1000 (3)
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